Are you suffering from blocked drains in Blackpool?

Drain Doctor provide premier drainage services in and around the Blackpool area. All our plumbing engineers work to the highest possible standards in all aspects of drain cleaning, drain excavation and drain repairs.

If you live in Blackpool and you’re experiencing trouble with your drains, contact a member of Drain Doctor today for efficient drainage repairs and drain inspections.

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Fast Response Times

Here at Drain Doctor we pride ourselves in offering fast response times which ensures your drain emergency is treated quickly.

blocked drains blackpool

When treating blocked drain emergencies, we have a wealth of experience and work hard in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their drain repair services from Drain Doctor.

What’s more, our experienced drainage contractors, many of which are local to Blackpool, are able to advise customers on the best, most cost effective cause of action to clear or repair the drains.

"Our aim is to be on site within 2 hours of call out"

Reporting a Blocked Drain in Blackpool

Dealing with drains, man holes and sewers is second nature to the Drain Doctor team having faced these domestic disruptions daily for many years.

No job is too large or small with our expert knowledge in drain repair services. Unlike other drainage contractors, we don’t expect you to know where the problem is occurring, what the problem is or how to fix it: that’s our job. All we need from you when reporting your blocked drain issue is your address so we can get there in the quickest down time and save your drains from further damages.

Many of our customers are pleased to know, the problem often isn’t as serious as they’d initially expected so if you’re drains are causing you issues, prevent further damage and contact Drain Doctor in the first instance.

Dealing with Blocked Drains

Drain blockages occur unexpectedly and although most commonly seen in winter, blocked drains occur in Blackpool every season.

Most blocked drains are picked up by home and property owners when they’ve come across overflowing water around man holes, large wet patches around the property or slow water draining in sinks, baths and showers. If you’re a property owner or a tenant, you’ll be responsible for the upkeep of the drainage systems on your property.

Flat residents are often unaware of their responsibilities in regard to drain repairs and plumbing. If you’re a tenant in a flat in the Blackpool area contact a member of the Drain Doctor team and we’ll be able to advise you on who’s liable for the drain damages and repairs needed.

Collapsed Drains

Collapsed drains are most noticeable when you see water flooding or overflowing. Administering the severity of the collapsed drain issue requires expert knowledge and skill to ensure damages are rectified accurately and efficiently.

Here at Drain Doctor, we look at drain blockages and drain damages with a close attention to detail to ensure cracks and blockages are completely rectified before we leave your site. This gives you the confidence and the knowledge that your drain issues are not only fixed, but further issues are prevented in the future.

It’s natural to see drainage issues occur in properties due to wear and tear. Over time, drains become weak and under strain which means they’ll need to be lined or replaced depending on the nature of the issue.

Unfortunately, older drains commonly require some form of maintenance due to simple wear, tear and weather issues. We’re able to administer any drainage issues with ease by using our state of the art, CCTV Drain Survey equipment. This important piece of machinery allows us to see clearly down your pipe lines and administer any problems your drains are experiencing. An efficient, effective way of diagnosing your drainage issues.

Are you Experiencing Emergency Drain Issues in your Blackpool home?

If you’re experiencing emergency or general drain issues at your property in Blackpool, contact a member of the Drain Doctor team today on 0800 026 6623. We’ll be able to assist you in any drain unblocking or drain repair services you require.